Our Motto is 'Love. Live Fair', we are an ethical textile brand, focusing on apparel and interior accessories. Every project is a study combining the love for crafts and materials, mixing modern design with traditional ways of preparing yarns and how to colour them. We wholeheartedly support the preservation of weaving and knitting crafts by providing orders for handknits  and handlooms (weaving). Read our Blogs and learn all about the activities in National Park Serra da Estrela which we support..

our story 

SchoolofLifeProjects started in September 2019. A visit to a traditional wool factory in the heart o Portugal changed our vision on the future of the fashion industry completely. In this factory all our values and beliefs came together; 
We found a local and circular community whose economy depends on wool. Last year the region Serra da Estrela became Unesco Heritage, but unfortunately the still existing crafts disappear on a rapid pace. SchoolofLifeProjects is trying to help avoiding this by collaborating on producing blankets and poncho's.

Our poncho's and blankets are made of 100% biological sheep wool. The Bordaleira sheep are specific to the Serra da Estrela region. 
The shepards take the sheep to the highest plateaus in the mountains where you find the best grass and herbs which results in the best wool. The factory is filled with 150 year old machines from France, England and Germany. The machines and more importantly the loom masters weave the wool into a variety of products which reflect the specific hand crafted look and touch..

We love Cowichan style handknits. Their chunkiness, their shape and the graphic patterns used are very dear to us. Even though the past COVID period was very hard in terms of collaborating with people on the other side of the globe, we managed to make a small hand knit collection with British Columbia artisans.